Eliminate Admin Rights to Add Another Layer of Security

Eliminate Admin Rights to Add Another Layer of Security

Security in computer systems is essential to maintain a high-performance business environment that is managed efficiently. Software programs are continuously being developed and updated to ensure the most advanced and reliable protection possible. One security problem frequently encountered by IT professionals has to do with the administrator account of an operating system being used too frequently or by multiple users.

Many businesses share the administrator account password with other employees to allow them to diagnose problems on the server or system, to upgrade or install new software, or to increase efficiency in some other way. Allowing generous use of the administrator account can lead to some serious problems from malware, spyware, or other computer threats. Companies have developed a way to eliminate admin rights, effectively solving the problem by creating a more secure environment.

The steps to eliminate admin rights are manifold. A company must assess which actions specific users need to take and create detailed accounts that allow these activities but restrict the rest. Planning is a very important step to the implementation process, and employees, managers, and supervisors should be well informed on what is taking place to minimize confusion later. Analysis and testing of the software programs also needs to occur before, during, and after the transition to the new security software.

This method of limiting access to the administrator account can have many benefits for a company. Exploitation of a company’s computer system is much more difficult when an account of least privilege is used to install software or explore Internet sites designated and approved by management. The administrator account is the highest privileged account, permitting all actions, software downloads, and Internet usage. An account of least privilege restricts all actions that are not specifically required for the job to be fulfilled.

Datacenter virtualization security software can provide optimal security and productivity for complex computer systems. This software addresses the need to eliminate admin rights and to customize users’ abilities to just those necessary to complete their job. This software will help a company ensure that threats from malware or spyware are minimal. Adding another layer to the security interface may also prevent a serious crash or computer malfunction. As these are extremely time consuming, they should be prevented with software specifically made to target and correct existing problems and prevent new ones from occurring. The benefits to eliminating admin rights can be pronounced in a company, ultimately leading to higher efficiency and productivity.