Downtown Burbank ARTS Festival to Include 90 Artists and Street Painters

DOWNTOWN BURBANK, CALIF. -- Streets will be filled to capacity with artists, street painters and more than 25,000 attendees during the four-block Downtown Burbank ARTS Festival outdoors on San Fernando Boulevard between Magnolia Boulevard and Olive Avenue, April 14 and 15 from 10:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. The Downtown Burbank ARTS Festival is free and open to public.

Featured will be eight of Southern California's most talented street painters bringing art to life on asphalt and concrete. Street painting is the act of creating visual art on paved urban surfaces using non-permanent materials such as chalk and soft pastels. Sometimes called Madonarii, it is an art form dating to the Italian Renaissance when itinerant artists often created images of the Madonna. Today's street painters treat a variety of subjects, from classical paintings to abstract art and their own creations.

Participating artists include Chris Brake, Gus Moran, Juan Manuel Ramal, Lury Norris, Nick Gonzalez, Randall Williams, Ruth Villa and Theresa Knopf Morgan. They will be working all weekend creating ephemeral masterpieces, and the finished 10’ by 10’ paintings will be ready for viewing Sunday afternoon (April 15).

It is an inspiring and enlightening experience to watch these artists painstakingly apply layers of color to create works of art on the ground. The public is invited to pause and enjoy this ancient tradition at any point during the festival.

In addition, there will be 90 regional artists displaying thousands of paintings, sculptures and photographs as well as an astonishing array of jewelry, fine glass, ceramics and woodwork -- with everything made by hand.

Founded by Downtown Burbank Partnership in 2003, the Downtown Burbank ARTS Festival is a biannual event produced in partnership with West Coast Artists. The fall show occurs November 3 and 4.

For more information the public is asked to please call 818.238.5180 or visit

Downtown Burbank is an award-winning urban neighborhood spanning 34-blocks of retail, office, residential and entertainment destinations. The District boasts more than 200 shops and 90 restaurants including IKEA, Flappers Comedy Club, The Colony Theatre, RA Organic Spa, AMC 16 Theaters and Burbank Town Center, with movie screens consistently rank in the top five of theatrical circuits nationwide. The area is bounded by Verdugo Avenue, Glenoaks Boulevard, Burbank Boulevard and the I-5 in Burbank, Calif., and contains more than 9,000 parking spaces. The District is managed by Downtown Burbank Partnership, a California nonprofit mutual benefit corporation.