Dispelling Myths and Demystifing Solar Energy


Many people have become intrigued with the idea of a solar power system for their home, but remain uninformed about how it works and the myriad of benefits received from installing solar panels. By harnessing the power of the California sun through Beaumont Solar Panels, you are able to reduce your energy bill by about 70% and, in many cases, eliminate your bill entirely.

Some prospective buyers worry about their home going dark on cloudy and overcast days; however, your home works off a hybrid system, remaining on the energy grid, supplementing solar power with electrical power on the days that your solar system does not produce the energy necessary to power your home. Few realize that on the days that your home overproduces solar electricity, your home is putting energy back into the electric grid, resulting in a credit on your energy bill, eventually resulting in profiting from, rather than paying the power company. By making your home a miniature power plant of clean, renewable energy with Beaumont Solar Panels, you not only reduce your own carbon footprint, but that of others by providing them with the excess of power that the Californian sun produces. You will reap the financial rewards as well as the personal satisfaction of reducing your carbon footprint and improving the air in your neighborhood.

Many people consider solar panels unsightly; however, Verengo Solar Panels creates a customized plan, tailored to the look and needs of your home, using attractive materials, flawless attention to detail, and incorporating the look of the solar system naturally into the exterior of your home. Some families have initial trepidation regarding going solar, a misgiving that is quite simply quelled in your initial free consultation from Verengo, in which you can discuss the option of installing a small system to heat the water in your home as a “trial run,” to determine whether or not you want to install a “whole home” system. There are many myths and a general lack of knowledge regarding solar energy systems, all of which can be addressed during your free consultation, answering all of your specific questions and finding the best energy plan to fit you and your home. By understanding the benefits of installing solar panels in your home and by partnering with the excellence of Verengo, you are certain to find the plan and style that is tailored to suit your needs.