Disaster Preparedness

What if a major earthquake hit your area? Maybe a hurricane or other weather anomaly is tearing through your city. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow, and there was no power, no phone, tv, computer, or running water? What if a major EMP had knocked out the entire power grid – and there was no longer a governing body to deliver your instructions via mass media? Would you know what to do? Have you ever even though about survival in a SHTF scenario?

There are many trying survival/emergency scenarios in the list of possible events that play out in various parts of the world on a daily basis. Look at all the earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and outbreaks of disease you see on the news every day. Imagine all the things you don’t hear about via media, or that aren’t even reported. Thinking about and discussing these possibilities is (IMO) one of the best ways to prepare yourself for response in case one of these events affects you or your loved ones. Once you have an idea of how to react, learning the proper methods for preparation and response will greatly increase chances of survival. In these trying times, who would not want to be prepared?

Knowing what effects an event may have on not only yourself, but on the local area and society as a whole isn’t wasted knowledge. Learning how to prepare and store foodstuffs and supplies doesn’t make you a loon. Educating and training yourself on weapons and emergency medical response doesn’t make a militant nut…..all these things make you prepared. Being prepared makes you a survivor, when others who spent their time on memorizing Hollywood stars and video games might not be so lucky.

So you’ve decided to be a survivor. You want to learn how to be prepared for emergencies, for disaster, for SHTF if you will. Where to start? How about http://www.SHTFMilitia.com ? While they may not have all the answers, they can definitely help you get started in the right direction. From gardening to guns, canning to conditioning – they discuss it all. Current events, news, intel…..even jokes and live chat. Knowledge is shared with those looking to learn, as well as readily accepted from those bringing new or useful knowledge to teach. The site is a valuable resource to those interested in survival, preparedness, or chat with other like minded individuals.

Written By: Disallowed 04 Nov 2010 08:58 pm