Defining CTI Software

CTI stands for computer telephone integration, and it is a technology which allows the interactions of telephones and computers to work together and become both integrated and coordinated. This allows your computer network and phone system to work together for your business, rather than as two separate entities. Below are some quick benefits of salesforce cti integration for your business.


Increased Efficiency - Inbound Calls

Computer telephone integration technology can instantly make your organization more efficient. For example, when a customer or client calls a particular phone line or extension on your phone system, that client's customer account details can be set up to appear on the corresponding computer screen to that extension. Making the customer information readily available significantly reduces the amount of time spent on the phone, since your employee will not have put the caller on hold or take the time to look up customer account information. Your employee will also be able to give quicker and more accurate responses to the caller's questions.


Increased Efficiency - Outbound Calls

Just as computer telephone integration can make your company more efficient in dealing with inbound calls, it can also improve your company's ability to make outbound calls. With CTI technology, your employees can dial out instantly and directly from their computer with one click of the mouse. The call and customer information will stay active on the computer screen, keeping the calls organized.



Improved Customer Satisfaction

Going along with the increased efficiency is the improved satisfaction of your customers. Callers will be happy to spend much less time on the phone with your company, and they will often be impressed with how prepared your employees are to handle their calls. Call time and attention to detail can go a long way with customers, and CTI software development gives your company both without any extra effort or time.


Increased Revenue

You know the old saying - time is money. And it has never been more true. Competition in the business world is at an all-time high, and your company's ability to do more work than your rivals is what can give you the edge. With increased efficiency for both inbound and outbound calls, you will cut down on the time it takes for your employees to complete tasks. This provides your company with more time to complete more tasks and handle other customers, and as they say, time is money.