CS70N - Plantronics CS70N – piece #1

Plantronics has created another top-notch phone accessory designed to improve the quality of phone service an individual may experience. The Plantronics CS70N wireless headset was created to use with a desk phone, providing the user with a clear, hands-free phone experience. The sleek design of the CS70N adds to the professional look of any workstation and the headset has a discreet look that makes it easy to wear for an entire workday. A Plantronics CS70N is a great accessory for any office environment.

Customers that are shopping from Cellular Accessories for Less for good hands-free phone devices will need to check out how well the CS70N works. The Plantronics CS70N has voice dedicated DECT 6.0 technology that provides a high audio quality, digitally secure phone call. That technology also helps to ensure that interference from other devices in an office will not be a negative factor in regards to call quality when using the CS70N. A phone call with a potential client or business associate is important. Therefore, high call quality is imperative and using the Plantronics CS70N helps to ensure a clear, private and secure phone conversation.

It is easy to forget to recharge a headset when leaving the office at night. Luckily the CS70N recharges quickly, taking just ninety minutes to restore an 80% charge and just under three hours to produce a full charge. Once charged the Plantronics CS70N provides crystal clear business class phone quality all day with a talk time of six hours before needing to be recharged. Since the CS70N is compatible with most desk phones it is possible to add a Plantronics CS70N to every phone in an office when shopping from Cellular for Less.

A simple desk phone can be transformed into an awesome workstation when adding a Plantronics CS70N from Cellular Accessories for Less!