Choosing Massage Oils for Your Parlor

There are many important decisions that go into opening your own massage parlor, and among them are the kind of medical supplies you are going to stock for use with your clients. When you are choosing massage oils, you must consider all the medical info at your disposal, in addition to more practical things like price and availability. The bottom line is that these oils are an absolutely essential piece of your massage parlor, so you must make a decision that will be good for your clients and good for business. While ancient holistic medicine men used massage oils as natural treatments for health conditions, today these oils are primarily used as a medium during the actual massage. They are chosen based on many different properties, including smell, color and texture.

You don’t have to stick with just one type of massage oil per client, however. It is very common for massage therapists to switch between various massage oils in order to give different kinds of massage or produce different results. You may want to consider the skin type of the client before selecting oil. It is a good idea to have oils on hand that are good for sensitive skin so that you won’t have to worry about a reaction from those who may have skin issues. You will also need to consider any medical conditions, allergies, or previous complications when selecting oil for a particular client.

Massage oils are applied directly onto bare skin, which means that you really must be sure you have a variety of choices to select from when you are working with a client for the first time. Your training in massage therapy should have given you knowledge about the kinds of allergens to look out for when you peruse massage oils.

When you are buying supplies, you should consider shopping online for most of your much-needed supplies, including oils. Shopping at online medical supply stores for these kinds of bulk supplies is a good idea for many reasons. First, they have more competition than brick and mortar stores, which means that the prices will be more affordable for you, the consumer. You can also order in bulk and have your supplies delivered quickly and straight to your business, which is much more convenient than hauling all that stuff home with you and unloading it yourself. Choose carefully from medical supply companies by comparing customer reviews and contacting the Better Business Bureau.