Chandler Bikeway

The Chandler Bikeway is an exciting new addition to traditional Burbank family values and recreation activities. What was formerly railroad tracks with functioning for eight in commuter cars running back and forth is now the cemented pedestrian and bicycle through way providing community residents with recreation opportunities. The former railroad area is now a two mile bike path.

If old time Burbank residents are amazed at the change in the area due to the construction of the bike path, new residents have taken to it with ease. From Clybourne Street to Mariposa along Chandler, residents can bike each way or walk according to bike path traffic rules. Wheelchairs are permitted on the bike path. The dry, dusty open track bed area has been replaced with an enjoyable community space full of green grass and happy exercisers in the Burbank Sunshine.

The park transparently enough runs along Chandler Boulevard. Since the railroad thruway already had extra straight space and on either side, the inset of a cement bike path with green grass space on either side still allows for a peaceful stroll or ride. No motorized vehicles will be permitted on the path. Bicycles on the Chandler bike path must meet California bicycle standards.

For more information about Chandler Bikeway and the history of the Chandler Bikeway, see the Chandler Bikeway website. Find out about events at Chandler, and learn how you can help keep Chandler looking its best for the entire Burbank community. You can also learn more about the history of Chandler, and see photographs of the Bikeway before it was created, as it was constructed, and the final results of the effort.

Visit Chandler Bikeway and see why this area has become one of the jewels of Burbank, California, and a place many Burbank residents enjoy visiting and getting exercise.