Careers that Steer Far Away from the Office Cubicle

A career in golf course management can turn out to be a hole-in-one choice. You work in a green, active, verdant, relaxing, and natural open-air environment, which is a refreshing change from the claustrophobic, procrastinated, lazy and hemmed-in office cubicle atmosphere, where everything feels artificial, including the air. Golf management is a rewarding, satisfying and healthy career; here are the reasons why:

  • Golf is huge – it is a multi-billion dollar industry that caters to many athletes as well as businessmen.

  • Golf combines business with sport. Club members develop contacts and business deals are struck with unfailing regularity.

  • Golf pros are growing in numbers. They want to make it big on the blockbuster PGA and other golf tours. We’ve all seen the prize money and fame that golf pros can receive and it can be simply outrageous sometimes.

The career has an immense scope to grow, and smart golf management pros can birdie up the corporate ladder.

Golf course management career options

To become a golf club professional, you must enroll for the Golf Professional Training Program, which is a program developed by the PGA of America. People who want a head start can consider the Professional Golf Management degree (PGM), which is offered by many American universities. If you want to get into golf course construction, design, supervision, and maintenance, then check with the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). If you are into business, then a career in golf course management can help as well – you should know that top companies hire marketing pros to pitch their products on the golfing greens.

What does a student learn in a golf course management course?

A typical golf education course is broken down into three parts – playing, practice and instruction. You will get exposure to playing techniques, competitive golf, theory and academics and teaching techniques. You will also be expected to participate in community golf-related services.

In Golf Management School, you will focus more on the business on golf than on playing the game. You will learn management, finances, marketing, how to organize tournaments, how to keep club members satisfied, how to teach golf, hospitality management, understanding grass through lab demonstrations, and most of all, how to enjoy playing the game. 

Though a golf professional course is not all fun and games, it represents a lucrative and healthy career options that can help you rake in all that verdant green.