Before You Buy Intermittent Catheters

The purchase of intermittent catheters generally means that a person is unable to control his or her bladder flow without medical help. Individuals, who are struggling with incontinence, or other bladder problems, may be instructed by their doctor to use self-catheterization. This method allows for the insertion of a tube, running into the bladder. The tube encourages the flow of urine from in the bladder out, into a waiting bag. While this process may not seem like it is convenient, it is a better alternative than having accidents due to the inability to control the process. For many, it is a necessary part of life after illness, accident or due to the aging process.

In situations where you are required to perform this procedure, your doctor will direct you on what to do and how to do it. Intermittent catheters are often the type of catheter used for this specific need. It is not simple to insert, but the process is improved due to higher quality products manufacturers are producing. In addition, some products are available from a medical site with lubrication already in place. This ensures the tubing enters the body with the least amount of friction and pain. For individuals who are considering how this process will work, realize that the use of a catheter is something you will likely learn before you are required to do it.

If you turn to a medical site for the purchase of intermittent catheters, there are a few things to know. First, you should ensure the product is exactly the type of catheter your doctor wants you to use. Some are longer, thinner or have two openings rather than one. Choose the product designed for the specific function you need it for. You will also need to ensure you choose a brand that is reliable and sterile, to ensure your safety when using these.

Intermittent catheters can improve the quality of life of many people. New products are no longer as painful to insert. They can remain in longer without any risks, too. You should follow the recommendations of your doctor before buying any product. However, you can turn to a medical site to find these products available to you inexpensively if you do need to buy them. Do invest in a product designed to improve your specific situation, whether it is for long-term use or just for temporary relief.