An Overview of Massage Tables

Massage tables are one of the most important kinds of equipment you can have in a spa. Obviously, if your facility is a massage therapy clinic, then your table is going to be your primary (and probably most expensive) type of equipment anyway. The reason massage tables are so important to spas is that other than facials, massages are the most popular treatments people come to spas for. Without a proper table, it is impossible to deliver a proper massage. A table provides the resistance needed in order for the massage to be effective, and the comfort needed in order for the client to completely relax.

There are two main categories of massage tables, and those categories are portable tables and stationary tables. Portable tables serve a lot of purposes. If you can only afford one kind of table, most experts would recommend you start with this one. Not only can you use it in your clinic, you can also use it to offer massages at remote locations. Offering massages at remote locations can be a really fantastic way to build your business, too. You can even offer them for a reduced price, distributing business cards and fliers as you do. This can be a really fast way to build up a client base for your massage therapy practice.

Stationary massage tables often have cabinet space beneath them for storing linens, creams, etc. Some of these stationary tables even have electric lifts. Those kinds of tables are particularly nice when they’re going to be used by multiple massage therapists. It helps if the person being massaged is at the right height relative to that of the massage therapist, and with an electric lift table, making that happen is a very simple matter. Some stationary tables can be used for both massage and other types of spa treatments. These aren’t particularly useful in massage therapy clinics, but they’re absolutely wonderful for spas.

There are a lot of different brands of tables on the market. They can vary pretty widely in terms of price. It’s helpful to remember in this case that there is some truth in the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” Though we wouldn’t necessarily advocate purchasing the most expensive table just because it’s the most expensive, we would definitely caution against purchasing the least expensive one you can find. If a more expensive table lasts longer, then you’ll save money in the long run by not having to replace it.