A Novice Guide to Insulin Syringes

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle takes on a whole new meaning once you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes. Having diabetes means the stakes are higher on all your lifestyle choices: making sure you get a good nights rest, committing to a regular exercise routine, managing stress effectively and maintaining a sense of well being, seeking consistent care with a good physician, and undeniably the most crucial aspects are monitoring insulin levels and having a carefully chosen diet. Diabetes, perhaps more than most illnesses, puts a lot of responsibility in the hands of the patient.  

When first diagnosed with diabetes, patients often find they have a big learning curve. One of the first lessons they learn is the importance of the products they will use to control their diabetes. Buying insulin syringes can be a daunting purchase at first, but with a little education, good buying choices become second nature. Because insulin taken by mouth would not survive the digestion process, syringes are required for proper intake and are the best device for delivering insulin correctly. Disposable syringes were introduced in the 1960s, making the process much easier.

A few notes about insulin itself: when purchasing insulin, make sure all bottles are clear and free of any staining or suspended particles and check expiration dates. Bottles not in use should be stored in the refrigerator, only the bottle in current use should be kept at room temperature as injecting cold insulin could be painful and an insulin bottle can be kept at room temperature safely for up to one month, but should never come in contact to extreme heat, cold, or light.

With steady advancements in both medical science and technology, manufacturers of insulin syringes have been able to produce products that control the medicine effectively while still causing little discomfort or pain. While it may be tempting to re-use your insulin syringes with the rational that they are only being used by a single person, don’t do it. There is still a danger of infection and it is not worth the risk! Buying insulin syringes in bulk will of course mean substantial savings. Find a reputable supplier that can guarantee convenient home delivery or even set up a regular delivery schedule with your preferences on file. This will make the process much easier for you. There are many good online providers and some even provide a syringe pick-up and disposal service for their customers.