Burbank Media Center

Burbank Media Center

The City of Burbank is perhaps best known for its Media Center District, home to the famous Burbank studios. Media is a sophisticated Twentieth century word denoting varied forms of tangible communicative transposed form. The Media Burbank is most famous for its film, and later television, with some music as well. Burbank is the town in which every entertainment company in the world strives to have an office, because that means their show is on the air.

The names of the companies that have purchased property in Burbank for business and movie production reasons is a roll call of movie industry movers and shakers throughout Hollywood’s Golden Era through today. Warner Bros. (formerly First National Studio), Universal Studios, Columbia Pictures, Walt Disney, NBC, ABC, and others used the “ranch” location in the San Fernando Valley to farm out Westerns and exteriors work without things like cars and twelve story towers in the background (like the ones going up on Wilshire Blvd. at the time).

Spanning the junction of the Ventura and 101 Hollywood Freeways to the east to the Disney lot environs of Parish place on the east, the Media Center District is densely populated with global brands like Disney, NBC, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, the CW, and Nickelodeon (to the east of Burbank but included honorarily). The convergence of the freeway, studios, hospital, airport, and Hollywood vicinity makes Burbank unique.

This area is one of the most recognizable tourism destinations in the world due to its famous movie production logos and televisions stations. Johnny Carson of NBC’s “The Tonight Show” famously heralded the phrase “beautiful Downtown Burbank”. Though Carson meant it as a joke, intending to call attention to Burbank’s mundaneness, the motto stuck. Today, Johnny Carson Park sits immediately next to NBC Studios, enhancing beautiful downtown Burbank every day.

The Media District of today reflects about eight decades of change and rebuilding of these same lots for television and movie production. The Disney Channel Tower rises high above the 134 Ventura Freeway, and the Disney office premises can be seen with their distinctive building design about a quarter mile up the same freeway.

The Burbank Media District has many production companies and movie and television studios utilizing the convenience to the Hollywood corridor to maintain workable but technically efficient filming facilities. These studio lots and their buildings house sound stages, screening auditoriums, executive office buildings, show studios, sets, dressing rooms, parking lots, security booths, and tours.

The Burbank Media District spans Forest Lawn to the 101 Hollywood Freeway, where it meets the Ventura 134 Freeway and & Tujunga. The South border of the Media District is absorptive into the Griffith Park Hills. Colonel Griffith P. Griffith donated the land for this mountainous 3,000 acres.

On the East edge of the Media District neighborhood, Riverside Drive ascends to Clybourn to the 134. Parts of the Burbank Media District exists on either side of the Ventura Freeway, to where the North cuts off at Buena Vista to Olive Avenue. But where Olive meets Parish, the Burbank Media District extends only to the 134. This is right by the Disney Buena Vista Park.

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