Random Trivia about Burbank

By Jill Thrup

What's in a Name?

Burbank was named after David Burbank, a dentist and famous industrialist from New Hampshire. Often referred to as the “Media Capital of the World”, Burbank is the home of many entertainment and media companies such as Warner Bros. Entertainment, Walt Disney Company, Nickelodeon, ABC Studios, NBC, Marvel Studios and ABC Family. Burbank also has a history strong in cinematic films and movies. In fact, Walt Disney Company and Warner Bros. are the top two employers in Burbank with each of these companies having more than 7,000 employees.

Famous Films, TV Shows, and Celebrities from Burbank

Many classic and popular films were filmed in Burbank, including Mary Poppins, Casablanca, Bonnie and Clyde, Pirates of the Caribbean, Blazing Saddles, Full House and The Princess Diaries, among others. Sunset magazine named Burbank one of the most appealing urban centers in Southern California. Many popular actors, athletes and notable individuals have been born in Burbank, including Ron Howard, Tim Burton, Paul Cameron, Mark Harmon, Eve Plumb, Orlando Bloom, Debbie Reynolds, Tex Ritter, John Ritter, Jason Hirsh and Zac Efron to name just a few. Although Burbank residents consider it a small city, it’s only about 10 miles from Hollywood. Visitors and tourists can experience the small town atmosphere while being close enough to big city options and amenities. Burbank is loaded with restaurants, bars, family activities and just some great sightseeing events. It's a great place to visit or live.
Burbank Towne Center

Random Facts

Vending machines in Burbank offer more than just fast food snacks. At least this is the case with The Burbank Towne Center, which has a vending machine that sells caviar. Customers can expect to purchase this delicacy for anywhere from $50 to $500 a serving.

Burbank was the first city in America to pass a law requiring that new businesses have adequate communications set up with first responders like police, fire departments and emergency medical services. Burbank is also known for the various youth programs it develops for children and young adults. Approximately five percent of the city’s annual income is designated for youth programs.

Famed missing pilot Amelia Earhart attempted her solo Atlantic flight from New Jersey in her Lockheed Vega airplane that was built in Burbank. We wonder where that airplane is today... the world may never know!